KARCO group of companies was established in 2004, Mumbai, India, to provide “Top Of The Line” marine services for oil & chemical tankers worldwide.

After having provided very competent services for several years, Reliable Marine And Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd. has now ventured in to a pioneering service for oil & chemical tankers arriving Indian ports.

Occasionally tankers, face the problem of pumping out chemicals, petroleum products, crude oil etc from their tanks after arriving ports due to breakdown of pumps, valves, pipelines etc. This is a serious challenge, as the vessel may not have a back up system to effectively pump out its cargo leading to delays, claims and for sure huge financial implications for the owners/managers etc.

Reliable Marine And Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd. has procured a very effective portable hydraulic pumping configuration, manufactured by one of the leading international companies in the world. This unit is positioned on the outskirts of Mumbai/JNPT and is also readily available for moving out to any port in India/abroad.

The specifications are as follows:

The above configuration is available for deployment on Hire/Lease basis on board tankers, tank farms, barges, industries etc..